“Passion…Passion…Passion! Dr. Fajardo is probably the most passionate professor I had this semester. He delivers the material in an enthusiastic way which helps to cement the information and draws the students in to share his passion for writing. Outstanding professor in all areas!” (Course evaluation comment, College Composition I, Fall 2017)

As a teacher, I strive to cultivate a classroom where every student is heard, where unconventional materials come to life, and where intellectual challenges can be grappled with and overcome. For the last ten years, I have taught a variety of composition and literature courses, including fiction, elementary composition, basic writing, introduction to college composition, English grammar, professional writing, argumentative writing.

Courses Taught

Mary Baldwin University

Modern Literature: 300-level course in Anglophone modernist literature. 2020, 2021.

Introduction to English Studies: 300-level course on the history of English studies and methods of analysis and research that prepares students for upper-level course work and for Senior Seminar. 2022.

Literature of 20th Century India: 300-level course on Indian fiction and poetry, featuring both translations and works originally composed in English focused on major political and cultural events, including the Bengali Renaissance, the Gandhian independence movement, partition, and Indian diaspora. 2019, 2022.

Poetics of Hip-Hop: 200-level special topics course on poetics taught through hip-hop lyrics. Students learned about the history of hip-hop culture, closely examined lyrics of a wide range of artists, and produced original scholarship on an artist of their choosing. 2021.

Professional Writing: 200-level course on professional and business writing focusing on rhetoric, workplace communication, job applications, document design, and formal reports. 2020, 2021.

Borderless Poetics and Expression for a New Time: 200-level special topics course co-taught with US Poet Laureate Emeritus Juan Felipe Herrera and Dr. Brenci Patiño. Grounded in ancient Mexica (Aztec) poetics, this course introduced students to ancient and contemporary poets, Latinx studies, and creative expression. The course culminated in the creation of a community poem, which we published on a website that I designed: www.mbucovida.wordpress.com. 2020.

Katherine Porter and the Narrative of Pandemics: 200-level directed inquiry on Porter’s novella Pale Horse, Pale Rider. This writing intensive course covered the 1919 influenza pandemic, Porter’s career, literary analysis, and the writing process, including close reading, argumentation, research, and revision. 2020.

Introduction to Literature: 100-level course introducing students to poetry, fiction, and drama, focused especially on critical analysis. 2019—2020.

College English: First-year composition course on the theme of digital culture, emphasizing rhetoric, analytical thinking, and research. 2019—present.

MBU101: First-year advising course covering liberal arts education and academic success strategies. 2021.

Georgia Gwinnett College

Globalizing Modernisms: Designed and taught 4000-level special topics course for majors on global modernist studies. (2018)

American Literature II: Designed and taught 2000-level survey course for non-majors on American literature from Reconstruction to present on the theme of “America from the margins.” (2016, 2018)

College Composition II: Designed and taught first-year composition course emphasizing analytical, argumentative, and researched writing on the theme of digital technology. (2015-present)

College Composition I: Designed and taught first-year composition course emphasizing the genres and fundamental rhetorical moves of college writing on the theme of heroism.  (2015-present)

Support for College Composition: Designed and taught support class for College Composition I emphasizing time management, goal setting, the writing process, grammar, and citation style.(2015-present)

Indiana University

Introduction to Fiction: Designed curriculum and taught two sections of an introductory course on the theme of escape and fiction. 2013.

Argumentative Writing: Designed and taught two courses in rhetoric and advanced argumentation. Students analyzed and composed arguments across written, visual, and oral mediums. 2010, 2011.

Professional Writing Skills: Taught a rhetoric-based approach to technical and business writing. 2010.

Introduction to the Study of Literature: Taught a discussion section in conjunction with Prof. Dana Anderson and two other section leaders. Wrote and delivered an interactive lecture on class and literature. 2009.

Introduction to College Composition: Groups Program, Indiana University. Introduced first generation college students to the conventions of college writing in an intensive, six-week summer program. Taught in collaboration with two other instructors and one tutor. 2009, 2010.

English Grammar Review: Taught course covering English grammar, emphasizing the rhetorical effects of grammatical choices. 2009.

Basic Writing: Developed syllabus and taught the basics of college writing in a genre-based composition course. 2008-09.

Elementary Composition: Developed curriculum and taught introductory courses in analytical college writing. 2011-13, 2007-08.