Introduction to Fiction (IU)

L204: Introduction to Fiction is a literature course for non-majors that also satisfies an intensive writing requirement for Indiana University. This course introduces students to the major genres of fiction, and it teaches them to analyze fiction academically.

I designed the syllabus that appears below. It is structured around an assignment sequence of two microthemes (shorter, skill-building assignments) and two formal essays. Below the syllabus you will find links for sample assignment sheets, handouts, and other materials I made for the course.


Discussion Question

Peer-Responded Journals

Microtheme 1

Essay 1

Essay 1 Peer Review

Microtheme 2

Essay 2

Essay 2 Peer Review


Close Reading Handout

Fiction Lexicon

Grading Marks

L204 Reading Recommendations

What my students say

“Adam may be the best professor I have had at IU. This is the second class I have taken of his and I wish I could take a 3rd. He is great at keeping the course current and interesting, is extremely well prepared for each class, and is extremely approachable. And, I think he is very knowledgeable about this subject.”

“He was very approachable and nice! He was very passionate in what he was teaching!”

“Adam’s enthusiasm, preparation, and interacting with students were very encouraging within the classroom. Kept attention, stimulated discussion.”

“I really enjoyed this class. I see no improvements as of now, but I’ll email you if I think of anything. Great job! Your class has been one of my favorites so far throughout my college career!”

“I had a great time in your class. You made a boring subject very interesting and my favorite class of the semester.”