Argumentative Writing (IU)

W270: Argumentative Writing is an advanced course in rhetoric and argumentation that also satisfies the intensive requirement at Indiana University. A unique feature of this course is that it asks students to write essays that analyze the rhetorical choices of arguments in a variety of media and to write their own argumentative essays. I designed this syllabus and taught two sections of this course in 2010-2011.

See below for links to sample assignment sheets and handouts.



Microtheme 1

Microtheme 2

Microtheme 3

Microtheme 4

Microtheme 5

Critical Essay 1

Critical Essay 2

Critical Essay 2 Peer Review

Argumentative Essay 2 

Argumentative Essay 2 Peer Review

Argumentative Essay 3

Argumentative Essay 3 Peer Review2



Aesthetic and Informational Visuals in Professional Writing

Writing is Revising- How to Revise

Writing is Revising- Scheduling Time for Revision